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As we head further into the Summer months, the RSPCA is repeating their warning against leaving dogs in cars for any length of time.

The RSPCA received over 2,000 calls about dogs being left in cars last month alone.

The animal is re-iterating their warning against doing so to Cheshire pet owners, to say that even if it’s just 22 degrees outside, inside a car it can be over double that at 47.

Anthony Joynes is an RSPCA Inspector. He said, “If your dog is to become unwell, and needs veterinary care or even worse dies, your potentially looking at a cruelty offence which carries a maximum of six months in prison and an unlimited fine. 

“I don’t even want to be going down that  line, what we want is we want people to think on the dogs welfare.”

He added, “There’s probably not one dog owner now, in the region, that hasn’t seen a warning of how dangerous it is to leave a dog in a car and I think people are just choosing to ignore that message and that warning and unfortunately it’s going to take somebody coming back to their car and finding that the Police have forced entry and smashed a window for them to learn their lesson.”

Across 2016, 110 of those calls were made in Cheshire.

Image: Andrew Forsyth/RSPCA

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