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Primary and Secondary Schools in Cheshire East are at risk of reaching a crisis point, as the Government's new funding structure will have massive implications for schools in the borough.

The announcement last month from Education Secretary Justine Greening revealed that thousands of schools across the country, including in Cheshire, were in line to have their yearly funding cut with money moving from urban centres that have been well funded in the past, to schools in areas that receive less money.

As a result, the changes – which means the government chooses how much funding each child gets rather than the local authority – mean Cheshire East would become the worst-funded local authority in England.

The government claims the changes make the funding system fairer. But analysis shows schools in Macclesfield and Poynton will face cuts as a result of the per-pupil funding.

Some school officials are now considering taking drastic action to help cope with a lack of money coming in.

David Waugh, Head of Poynton High School, told Silk 106.9: “What we’re trying to do is save money on staff, electrics, water, even textbooks.

“We’re now coming to a point where there’s nowhere else left to cut without it impacting on the children.

“The schools just simply can’t operate as they are now.

“All schools across Cheshire East will run out of the money in the next three years, regardless of whether or not they’ve got reserves.”

Macclesfield MP David Rutley has pledged to fight for a better deal after the Government pledged to axe £1m from local budgets.

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