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A bank robber from Liverpool, who was on the run for over 12 months, has been jailed.


Christopher Bell, of Allerton, had been evading police since April 2016, after robbing the Royal Bank of Scotland in Poynton with two other men.

They broke in through through a hole they in the roof and proceeded to threaten staff with violence.

The group left the bank with a large quantity of cash taken from open safes and tills.

But, their escape was almost thwarted when the robbers were attacked with mop handles by staff at a local Indian Restaurant, as they tried to get into their getaway car.

The men were forced to complete their escape on foot, however, Paul Hughes, 33, and Sean McNeil, 26, were both arrested by police officers later that day.

The pair were jailed for 12 years each in November 2016.

Bell turned himself in to Knutsford Police in July last year. He was sentenced at Chester Crown Court after pleading guilty to the robbery.

Detective Constable Stephen Joyce said:

Christopher Bell tried to evade justice but it was only a matter of time before he was caught and he eventually decided to hand himself in“.

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