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Nearly a third of people in Cheshire are concerned they will need to go without gas or electricity for part of this winter because of the cost of utility bills.

Campaigners are blaming the dilemma facing people in our region on austerity cuts.
New research from the charity The npower Foundation shows that almost half of all households in the North West. who are cutting back will limit their use of heating throughout the winter months.
The problem is worse for vulnerable people.  More than half of elderly people say they will cut down on  baths and showers throughout the winter. In addition, one in three  people say they would think twice about having a hot drink every day.
Poverty Activist Jack Monroe commented on the research saying: “They are basic human rights and basic human needs, and they are the things that people are choosing to go without because you can’t choose not to pay your rent and you can’t choose not to pay your council tax because you’ll get evicted and you’ll get prosecuted… It’s atrocious in one of the richest economies in the world there are people up and down the country who are having to choose between having a warm home and having a small meal.”
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