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Darren Shortt

Darren is the host of Silk Breakfast waking you up with his apparently funny banter!

Why do you do this job?

  • Because you really wouldn't want me cooking your food!

What is your coolest claim to fame?

  • Sharing a pack of Marlboro's with Ed Sheerhan in Qatar

Who is your idol?

  • Idol... more of obsession - KATY PERRY!

Fave Band?

  • Easy - The Band Perry

Fave Car?

  • Gotta be a RANGE ROVER BABY!!

What do you in your downtime?

  • Sleep and surf Facebook!

Worst thing ever to happen to you on air?

  • Many years ago, i rang a winner of a competition to let her know she had won and i was uber excited and hyping the feature up on air, then suddenly she started crying, i thought it was in joy, it turned out she was at a funeral parlour, her dad died that day.

What other job would you do if you couldn't do this anymore?

  • Anything in events, i love the rush you get at a festival or concert!

What phone do you have and why?

  • Iphone x - i am a geek and a HUGE snob!!

Facebook or Twitter?

  • Both  - Facebook for stalking and Twitter for gossip!

And Finally ....Fave youtube video?

  • Gotta be this one, the Heathrow airport flash mob, makes me smile and well up every time!!



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