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Silk Breakfast


Silk Breakfast with Andy Clewes


Tune in Monday to Friday from 6.00 am for the best way to wake up across Cheshire.  Andy has presented every show on Silk 106.9 for 22 years.  He did a 6 year stint on Breakfast a few years ago.  Ten years later, they’ve made him get up early once again to present the show.  He’s actually quite funny.  Since starting in January he has tried to get an Earth Sandwich going.  The idea is to hold 2 pieces of bread on opposite sides of the world to create the sandwich.  The only thing that stopped him is the fact that the exact opposite side of the world from the studio’s on Adelaide Street is about 200 miles off the coast of New Zealand and around 17,000 feet under water.  He hasn’t quite given up, he’s currently looking for a submarine.  He has also tried to get a Greggs VIP pass after Stormzy got one.  No luck yet.  He is also currently trying to recruit Cheshire’s celebrity look-a-likes for a project he hasn’t quite told us about yet.




First Uppers -

Join Andy every weekday morning for First Uppers.  Get in touch with him before 6.30am and he will put you in the draw.  You could become a member of the exclusive First Uppers Club and win the must have item for 2020 – The Silk 106.9 Travel Mug. 

Percentages –

Every morning after 7.00 am.  Andy will set the percentages question.  Past examples include:


What percentage of us in Cheshire have hidden food treats from our other halves?

A: 55%

B: 89%


Today – What percentage of women in Cheshire would never date somebody who loves Star Wars?

A: 48%

B: 25%


You can play along online and by calling 01625 269 000.


Connections –


It’s the toughest quiz on Silk 106.9.  Each morning around 9.40 am – Andy will play three songs that have a connection.  It might be the song, the artist/band or a combination of the two.  It could be something else entirely.  The connection is often tenuous at best, but there are no stupid answers.  Feel free to have a go.



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