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Operation Safehouse – Cheshire Fights Back Against Covid

Today Taste Cheshire and We Love Good Times launched Operation Safehouse, the campaign designed to get Cheshire out of Tier 2 back in to Tier 1.

Stephen Wundke, CEO of Taste Cheshire said:

“This is not a political campaign but the reality is that Tier 2 is purgatory. Our hospitality sector members are down over 60% in turnover with these new restrictions and in Tier 2 you get no financial assistance. The harsh reality is, that if we stay in Tier 2, by January we will lose 40% of our venues and 10,000 jobs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can do something about it and that’s where need your help. Today myself and Izzy Grey of We Love Good Times and numerous other concerned people across Cheshire are launching Operation Safehouse – the fightback against Covid. The sole purpose of which is to get us back into Tier 1. You see, despite the restrictions in Tier 1 we can make that work.

The principle is a simple one. We want every person in Cheshire in every house to take responsibility for their household and stop the rate of transmission of this horrible virus, one house at a time. Together we can do this.

In the second world war it was the people of Britain, on the underground who encouraged Churchill not to surrender and to fight on. They knew it would be tough but they did it. Right now, this is our Dunkirk and the 400,000 houses across Cheshire are the little boats that rescued the troops and saved the country. We can make a difference, one house at a time, we are the little boats.”

Izzy Grey – Managing Director of We Love Good Times explained how it works:

“We are not asking you to stop doing things, in fact the Council are publishing a list of the things you can do safely and not just what you can’t do.

Operation Safehouse is about you making a real effort in your house to stay safe by adopting this simple three-step plan and appointing one person in every house who keeps your house safe.

Step 1. Wash your hands – Covid hates soap and water. Every time you come into your house wash your hands.

Step 2. Wear a mask – If you’re going anywhere just put one on. Don’t say its uncomfortable – it’s a lot better than wearing a ventilator.

Step 3. Keep your Space. The virus simply can’t move between people if you keep your 2 metre space. If someone is crowding you just turn your back and walk away.

It’s that easy – and we know it works.

So please, spread the message of Operation Safehouse as far and wide as you can. The more people the better. Let’s kill this virus by taking away the one thing it needs most - contact. Fight Covid at its own game and make this a viral campaign that gets us back into Tier 1.

We can do this – let’s make the three steps of Operation Safehouse work and get us back in to Tier 1. This is your chance to do something special.

1. Wash your hands 2. Wear a mask, 3. Keep your space “

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